The Hungarian Windsurfing Association’s significant event, the Raceboard European Championships is coming up very soon in Balatonfüred. It will be held between the 4th and 9th of September.
According to the president of the Hungarian Windsurfing Association Mihály Varga, organising an international event like this has been a dream for the federation for a long time. The first step was a SuperCup round two years ago, which was followed by visits to international Raceboard competitions to prepare the Hungarian venue. With the support of the Ministry of Human Resources, the dream became reality. President of organising committee Levente Nagy-Pál stated at a former press conference that the windsurfer association takes it as a great success that Hungarian windsurfing has been brought up from the underground, as more and more hobbyist and professionals are attracted by this watersport. He said that Raceboard is an extended Olympic category that contains the RSX that is also included in the Games’ program. 110-120 windsurfers are expected to compete at the European Championship, 19-20 of them are Hungarians, which includes six times Olympian Áron Gádorfalvi. But what exactly is a Raceboard? According to, it is a race surf that also has a drop-keel, it is 3-4 metres long, the biggest sail is 9.5 m2 for men, and 8.5 m2 for women and juniors. The category favours little or mild wind, especially in Central Europe. What makes the event so special for us is that Daily News Hungary is one of the main partners of the European Championships. We’d like to get you in a surfing mood with the promo video of the competition. See you at Balatonfüred